My Journey

As Feng Shui Interior Designer & Tarot Reader

Feng Shui Interior Designer &
Tarot Reader

20 Years of Experience

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Yelitza Bellefleur

Feng Shui Interior Designer &

Tarot Reader

I am Yelitza Bellefleur. A gifted holistic solutions expert, a professional, a wife, and a mom. 

I was born in Venezuela and learned to feel the energy of the world with an open heart thanks to my amazing parents. My mom was a very gifted human who taught me about energy and cartomancy from a very early age.


I came to Canada in my teens and before I became a professional Interior Designer I had a degree in Social Work from the University of Regina. I love spreading happiness into the world and I am also a very creative individual.


After completing my Social Worker degree, I recognized that Social Work alone did not embrace my creative and spontaneous side, so I embarked on the Interior Design journey at the International Academy of Design in Toronto.

I have 20 years of experience as a professional Interior Designer and have worked for iconic Canadian companies such as Hudson’s Bay and CBC.


I moved to Leduc 10 years ago and I am excited to start a new journey that will allow me to spend more time with my daughter.

A typical day for me has always been magical, fun, and full of surprises and now, I want to share this with all of you by welcoming you to my brand new studio!  


Let me help you alleviate the demands of today’s hectic life with a holistic approach; finding paths to your success, happiness, and prosperity while the spaces you use the most can help you find balance and harmony.


Let’s connect and start your energy transformation journey today!

Empower Yourself.


Feng Shui Interior Design




Your energy and the energy of your surroundings influence your work, your relationships, your personal health, and every other aspect of your daily life.


By practicing traditional Feng Shui I can examine your surroundings to understand their energy flow & quality and create a plan to clear and activate the path of Qi.

Let me help you create your space!


Start each week with a Tarot Reading!

Create possibilities for a successful week and be prepared to overcome pitfalls.

Services Offered

In-person or Virtual