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Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are drawn one at a time or arranged in spreads to answer questions and provide insights into pressing questions. 


 Using your birthdate I can tap into numerology and provide deep insights into your destiny and life path.


Start each week with a Tarot Reading!

Create possibilities for a successful week and be prepared to overcome pitfalls.

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My Deck Collection


-Akashic Récords, Sharon Anne Klinger Unlocking the Secret Universal Knowledge 
-Tarot, The Rider Waite 
-Chakra Wisdom Tarot, Tori Hartman
-The Lovers Tarot, Jane Lyle 
-The Crystal Tarot, Philip Permutt 
-Alchemy Tarot, Fournier
-Tarot-Karten,Von A . Crowley 

Oracles cards 
-Angel’s Therapy, Doreen Virtue 
-Notes From Universe, Mike Dooley
-The Romance Angels, Doreen Virtue 
-Lovers Oracle, Toni Carmine S
-Talking to Heavens, James Van Praach
The Oracle, Pam Grout & Colette Baron-Reid 
-Karma cards, Monte Farber

-The low of attraction cards, Esther & Jerry Hicks 
-Money and the law of attraction cards 
-Ask and it is giving to you cards 

-Dream Decoder cards, Theresa Cheung & Harriet lee-Merrion 

-The pendulum by Schirner Verlag 

-Runes, The Gods Magical Alphabets 



What They’re Saying

Our treasured friend @yelitzabellefleur has travelled many interesting roads to her new #designstudio venture in #LeducAlberta. Entering her inviting flagship location on #mainstreet #downtown #Leduc was like walking into the pages of a #magazine. The studio is a marvel of texture, comfort & positive energy. Allow Yelitza to learn about you and she will draw out your character into your own custom space. I'm so happy that I went to visit her new location, and she made us feel special even though she had that day set aside for radio and TV interviews. Yelitza is also a great spokesperson for the local #downtownbusinesses. She has had a hand in helping many companies in the area. I know that my friend will be a big, big superstar as she follows her dreams and makes magic come alive. This is her passion.

My Journey

I am Yelitza Bellefleur. A gifted holistic solutions expert, a professional, a wife, and a mom. 


I was born in Venezuela and learned to feel the energy of the world with an open heart thanks to my amazing parents. My mom was a very gifted human who taught me about energy and cartomancy from a very early age.


I came to Canada in my teens and before I became a professional Interior Designer I had a degree in Social Work from the University of Regina.


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